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OneNote Assistance please

Bradley Owens

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Hello everyone! Thank you in advance for what I'm sure will be great assistance! I have just received a surfacepro3 at work for my new computer. I am trying to learn all about it and utilize some of the features.
In regards to the one note app, I have taken some photos and drawn notes over them to identify different people at a meeting for my colleagues. I cannot seem to find a way to then save that file and send it as a jpg or pdf or anything exportable...
I am the only one at our company with the surface, so I'm not sure how this will work. I cannot seem to screenshot it either as the photo and notes are too large and bigger than the screen.
Any advice and guidance would be amazing.
Thank you so much in advance!



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There are Two Versions of OneNote the MUI version and the Desktop Version, OneNote 2013, both are available in the Store for Free and the MUI version is preinstalled if I remember correctly. The desktop version has more features including the export function.

Hope this helps:

I'm not saying your a dummy but you might find this helpful