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opening onenote with pen doesn't work anymore


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I was having those problems- the pen would have to be Bluetooth paired every time I turned the SP3 on and could never use it to open OneNote from sleep as advertised and the WiFi going off saying the Internet connection was "Limited". I took it back to MS store and told them I knew the WiFi problem was a known issue and that MS was going to release a fix in September. They said for the WiFi problem since is was a known issue I'd have to wait for the fix in Sept. (did they know that or did they say that because I said it?) but they opened a new pen from its box, paired it and it lost the pairing when my SP3 went to sleep. So the gave me a new SP3.

It took 2 days for me to install all my apps, set up 3 email accounts in Outlook, get things the way I like if and after installing the updates... the problems are back.

The firmware update dated 8/19 seems to be the one that trashed the WiFi.
I'm thinking of doing a restore to factory condition and then turning off automatic updates.