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Opinion: Using Surface Pro with external monitor and sell MBP Retina?


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I have my Surface pro reserved and just returned my apple ipad mini. I also own a 15" Macbook Pro retina. Should I sell my MBPr and just use the Surface Pro and optional external monitor? I don't do any gaming, just movie watching, surfing the web and I like the idea of taking notes on the tablet. And I'm fine with either OSX or Windows 8 actually.


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i tried out the pro at the local microsoft store and am really impressed with the stylus and one note free handing it.


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nice, i found a buyer for my macbook pro for $1700, got it for $1850, not bad. Will be getting the surface pro 128gb with touch cover, and 64gb sd card.

What monitor would you guys suggest? I was thinking apple cinema display. or thunderbolt display.


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I say keep both. I have a Windows 8 desktop non-touch, Surface RT, Windows 8 Dell desktop (wife's), and a old Sony Vaio laptop (Vista). I'll eventually sell off the Dell desktop and hopefully get a all-in-one Windows 8. Same goes for the Sony Vaio....get another laptop Windows 8 (this is more for the wife to take to school.)

You never know when you'll need that additional hardware.


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Hmmmm i say try out the Pro FIRST then decide.........I personally do not like OSX, i bought a MBP in like 2008 and it was truly a nightmare, but that was just my experience.

I would personally get the PRO, a fast 64GB Micro SD, with a nice USB 3.0 1TB HDD :D and youre set.
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