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Calendar & Mail issues (separately and together)

BMS in WeHo

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What a pain. Someone sends me an appointment invitation from outlook, it shows in my Mail, but when I click on the attached file, it seems to have lost the suffix and isn't recognized. so i have to go to outlook on the desktop and load it up, and then i can make an entry on my calendar.

but wait, there's more. things that i create in the calendar in outlook don't necessarily appear in my calendar app. i can't figure rhyme or reason when they do and when they don't, it's all based off the same google account which is added and supposed to sync.

speaking of opening MSOffice applications like outlook, but also word, excel etc., must one always work in desktop mode when opening, whether from the desktop or a tile? is there a hidden setting i'm missing?

and to continue my issues with Office applications, why can't i see my dropbox folder as an open from or save to option? is there a way to set this up? I can't find a way to do so either from the individual applications or more global pc settings

i know, they want me to pay 3x as much for the pro3 to have a useful business tool, but that's just not in the cards. i just need to know if i can make his surface2 work, or resign myself to just reading the paper on it and save other tech tools for the things i really need to get done for work.

thanks in advance for any help


Can't offer much help other than to say I use OneDrive on my SP1 and it works great! Not sure about the calendar in outlook to the calendar app. I just use outlook between all my computers and Surface and Windows phone and it all syncs perfect. Don't have outlook on the phone but anything I put on the calendar app there shows up in my Outlook calendar. Of course that's through a Hotmail account, never used google.

And yes there are only office Apps for desktop right now. They are working on the "Modern Versions" rumored to be released in time for Windows 9.

Also if you use Office, the 365 Home subscription is a deal! You can share 5 installs with five other users on 5 different devices and each one gets 1TB of cloud storage on OneDrive! Plus 60 mins of Skype credit each month. You can get 4 years of access for the price of one copy! Plus you get the new version when it is released at no extra cost!