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Outlook issues on Surface Pro

Wayne Orwig

Active Member
Is it me, or.......

OK, I have an Outlook.com account. I have forwarded to numerous other email accounts to Outlook.com. This is great because before I had to use POP access, and that was an issue with syncing my numerous devices.

The Outlook.com account syncs my Outlook 2007 on my PC, my Android phone, my Surface Pro and the Outlook.com web site. All is well. Kind of. If I read, send or delete an email on any of those, it automatically is synchronized to the devices. Except for my Surface Pro. For example, the deleted items folder on my SP keeps getting larger and larger. It now has about 50 emails in it, some of which were MOVED emails, not deleted. Yet if I go online or anywhere else, there may only be 8 or so emails there. My Outlook 2007, my Android, and the web site, are all identical, but the SP is always different. I can delete and re-add my Outlook account, and that extra garbage returns to the SP from who know where.
Also, if I manually try to sync the SP, I get a message stating that outlook.com is unavailable. But if i get an email message, it instantly appears on all devices, including the SP.

Has anyone else had the SP not exactly stay in sync with the web site, and is there a way to 'purge' it and start over?