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Unlink Outlook People in People App


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Hi everyone, I upgraded my wife's Surface 3 to W10 on Friday and the good thing is that now I can add her iCloud account to the People App.
I logged into her Outlook.com account on the web and deleted all of her contacts to avoid duplicates, but all contacts in the W10 People App still show as having a "linked" Outlook entry.Although I can manually go into each one and unlink the accounts, then delete the Outlook.com entry, any idea how can get it to do a re-scan so it knows they have been deleted?

I can't remove the Outlook account from the People App as that's the one she signs in with and there is now option to delete it anyway.
She only signs in with that account. She does not use the Calendar, People or e-Mail facility on her Outlook.com account

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Turns out, I went to her desktop PC and checked Outlook. All of the contacts were still in there from her Outlook.com account, despite being deleted on the web.
So I got rid of them and the Surface showed them as no longer there too!

Very odd.

p.s. last night I put it back to 8.1 as Outlook wouldn't let me add an IMAP account and the Mail app wouldn't sync. Think I'll wait 8 months and maybe try again