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Solved Outlook mail sync


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I have an outlook.com email address on my SP3 and on my Windows phone running 8.1.

When I read or delete an email on one device it does not sync that action to the other.

For instance. I get an email on my Windows phone and delete it. Hours later when I get home that same email shows as new on the SP3.

I'm pretty sure they should sync between the 2.

Any advise?


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It sounds like you have one device set up for IMAP and the other for POP. Make sure both are set up the same way (IMAP does best for multiple device sync). Also, it matters to have the protocol type "IMAP" or "POP" or "POP3" and choose the appropriate servers and port numbers for your mail client.

Try that, and post whether this solves the problem.


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There should be a setting that you may have missed on the phone's mail as well as the potential issue with IMAP. If you have it set to leave mail on the server at least some of what you explained would happen.


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Where do I check them at?

When I setup the SP3 I signed in with my MS outlook account and it set the email up. Exact same process on my Lumia phone.

I don't see anywhere in metro mail to view the settings for the protocol nor do I see it in Outlook on the Lumia.


Edit to add

On the phone under sync settings it lists the server as col42-m.hotmail.com


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Okay, I factory reset the Lumia and restored from backup..

Everything is a-ok now.

I'll go stand in the corner with my dunce hat on now..
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