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Outlook on Surface 2: Email and Calendar issues. Please help!


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I have Outlook on my work computer with a POP3 email server. On Outlook at work, I'm able to invite and accept invitations to appointments and they show up in my Outlook calendar. I bought the Surface 2, hoping to have access to my email and calendar on the road when I'm not in the office. I was able to sync my email (sort of, see below), but I cannot accept any invitations to appointments on the Surface. The options are there, but they are in gray and I can't click on them. Is anyone else having this problem or know how to fix it?

Problem #2 is about email. The Surface 2 Outlook syncs with my email address when, and only when, I am hooked up to my office's WiFi. Other WiFi networks don't work. I'm somewhat computer savvy, but I have no idea why this could be. Please help! I like the Surface, and I don't want to return it if it can do what I bought it for!
Is POP3 the only option you have with your work email? Is IMAP an option? I don't have any POP3 accounts left, but everything works with EAS and IMAP on my Surface 2 and Pro 2...

Things to look at, do you have the correct internet routable server addresses or did the Surface pick up your internal address for your mail server (hence why it works on the Work WiFi)? It should look something like this:

POP3 incoming Mail Server: pop.domain.com (sometimes it would be mail.domain.com)
SMTP outgoing Mail Server: smtp.domain.com

Replace "domain.com" with your actual internet routable names.