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MS Outlook calendars help


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I'm used to using Outlook at my workplace (day job), but I've never used full outlook at home. Today I decided to start using Outlook since I have it on the 365 and hopefully it should sync nicely with my Surface etc.

I'm getting confused about calendars however.

I've exported data from my two mainly used google calendars. I've imported one of them into a calendar that's called " My Calendar (this computer)" in outlook, that's fine.

I then imported the other one, I chose to "Add new" so that I could see the appointments on that one seperately, I can see the other calendar called "untitled (This computer only)" in the view on the right pane, but it doesn't seem to appear in the folders pane on the left... and if I close it it disappears. I am unsure how to re-open it again? I'm probably missing something simple!! But the folder pane isn't showing me everything that's in the folders I don't think.

I'm also concerned about the "this computer only" bit...
Anyone got a good guide for setting up calendars in outlook.