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Outlook RT... Tasks?

rick wallace

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I'm not only new here, I'm new to PC use in general (22 years on an apple)... a new client required I have Outlook running on an exchange account, so I could ACCEPT or DECLINE tasks giving me... so I rushed out and bought a Surface RT... outlook is running, but I have yet to find the "TASK" area...

So, did I make a bad purchase, or am I missing something else? I'd even buy an app or whatever is needed to get TASKs working in Outlook on my surface... help...?


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Should be right there, looks a bit different depending on what view you've got it on:

Compact View


Standard view


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rick wallace

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That was a tremendous step forward, after clicking a left facing arrow I now have a task menu/area. Very wise Daniel. Hopefully as I get new tasks tomorrow the ACCEPT/DECLINE menu will also appear. Thanks a ton.

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