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Outlook R/T help

rick wallace

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I'm a longtime Apple user (1987) - but I bought a Surface to interface with a clients exchange email server... Outlook will receive email, I can accept Tasks, but outlook will NOT send confirmation once I have completed a project. I also bought an HP tablet at the same time, used the exact same setup, and it will send the confirmation.

So: Surface R/T Outlook Windows 8, full functionality except for COMPLETED on projects versus
HP Tablet Windows 7 Outlook 2010 full functionality included COMPLETED

If it makes a difference, Outlook R/T does not have the usual check mark showing to mark a TASK as COMPLETED, I have to raise the percentage bar from 0% to 100% or check the completed box next to task name... and it always says "preparing to send/receive" at the bottom when I do any of this...

Help, please. The HP is the slowest device I've used in forever, the surface is a great machine...


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Just a note that we edited out some of your title as it violated the forum guidelines. Hope someone can come up with an answer for you.