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pairing to Ford Sync

Ok I bought my 2014 Ford Sync because for the Microsoft sync on board.

Now today I see Microsoft sync is compatible with 138 apple products from the original iPad which is 5.5 years old.

But no Microsoft phones (my Blu) OR tablets like my Surface 3 are listed.

Now with 12 MILLION Fords with Microsoft Sync are we seriously to understand it is not compatible with Microsoft devices????.

I also bought my Microsoft Blue and Surface 3 with the assumption that it would work with my ford Microsoft Sync.

does anyone have any experience with this?

I do understand Ford dumped Microsoft last year and is now using a Blackberry / Apple software.
but seriously we are just talking basic bluetooth connection here that seems to come with most any software.. I'm not expecting access to my contacts but just speakers and microphone.

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