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Password Required on Wake from Sleep


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After the newest updates (2/17/2016), my SB requires a password (or Windows Hello) every time it wakes from sleep. This is a major PITA in tablet mode, since Windows Hello does not really work in portrait mode. (This is also despite every Windows setting being set to not require a password on wake from sleep.)

After searching around, I have found a fix for this problem:

Add the following key to the registry:

1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Personalization

On my SB, the Personalization key did not exist, so I created it.

2. Under the Personalization key create a new DWORD value named NoLockScreen and set value to 1.

3. Restart the computer.

This does disable the lock screen entirely, but it prevents the SB from requiring a password every time it wakes from sleep.

Hope this is helpful to someone.


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So; you're not interested in any form of security then?!

What a ridiculous question. Just because I do not want to have to enter a password every time I open the lid of my laptop does not mean I am not interested in any form of security.

Windows is supposed to let users turn off the requirement to enter a password on wake, but this switch is now broken in my SB as a result of the latest firmware update. Thus, I am forced to choose between disabling the lock screen or having to enter a password every time I open my computer.