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Pen not inking in one note when using skype


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Earlier I had an annoying problem. Due to lack of signal at my parents house on my mobile phone I decided to call a potential wedding photography client using skype. I decided I'd try to take notes from the conversation using one note snapped to the multi-app screen while also displaying a pdf I needed to refer to. I assumed this should work fine and I'd be able to ink on the onenote screen while looking at the pdf on the other screen and having skype working in the background. However that didn't happen. While the pen top button could easily enough open another note and I could snap between them in the multi-app screen I couldn't get the inking function to work at all.. most annoying.

Anyone else found this??

I just tried opening onenote and snapping to a second screen while running lots of other programs including LR in the other window and it's working fine now... just not while I was on my skype call!
I have done tried it again and after a little hesitation it did indeed work. Just annoying it didn't when I really needed k it.

Incidentally does anyone know if the headphone jack supports a mix input as I have headphones that have an inline mic which will have been better for the call quality when writing on screen.