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Drawboard PDF - Issues and Resolutions


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When I use a yellow highlighter approximately 70% of the letters are highlighted and the space between words remain white, does the rest of you have the same result?


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Nope, once flattened the annotations are treated as part of the document....

Looks like I will have to stick to saving the document after annotating each page then. It's not too bad but hopefully they will fix the performance issues.


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I bought drawboard but cannot work out how to get the pressure sensitivity, can anyone help?

I have registered online like it says to and I have a checkbox ticked under options that says 'pressure sensitive ink'. However there is no difference whether it is ticked or unticked and I get the same constant pressure, not variable like in onenote.

Am I perhaps wrong in what I expect the sensitivity in drawboard to do?

finally managed to get it.
first tried closing and reopening, but that didn't work.
then i saw a comment on drawboard forum about changing the opacity to 100%, however that didn't work either.
then i decided to log out and log back in to see if that might work.
well that made things worse as it refused to log me back in.
changed password - could login online but still refused to log me in in the app.
on drawboard help it says to try flushing dns to login, did that and was able to log into app.
pressure sensitivity option was completely missing though.
closed app and reopened - pressure option had returned and it WORKS!

almost an hour stuffing around just to get pressure sensitivity.
i can add this to my quibbles of it often freezing when trying to print to onenote and sometimes removing all my annotations.

Edit2:for the record the opacity does indeed need to be at 100% for the pressure to work. Interestingly I discovered the stroke is a fair bit lighter with this enabled. i.e I was using pen at stroke width 1, as 2 was too thick. Now with the sensitivity enabled I find the 1 is too thin and preferring 2 or even 3.
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Have read their support forums, searched here and elsewhere, rummaged around in the config settings. Anybody know how to get Drawboard to scroll vertically for reading and not horizontally?

edit: fixing info

go to page layout (swipe up) and select 'single cont.'
this makes it vertical while single on its own goes horizontally.


p.s their youtube channel has some useful tips i've found helpful
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