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Pen pressure for Photoshop (CS2)


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Hi guys,

I bought my Surface 3, mainly for University and partly for digital drawing.
I know that for professionals there is the Pro -Series, but I didn't see a reason why I, as a hobbyist, couldn't simply use the Surfae 3.

So I installed my Photoshop CS2 and everything worked fine exept pen pressure wouldn't work.
I looked it up in the Internet and found out about the WinTab driver.
Sadly this driver, is only for the Surface 3 Pro.
I tried to install it anyway and it actually worked fine untill I shut the Tablet down and turned it back on the next day. Now Pen pressure is gone again and reinstalling the driver doesn't change anything. I searched the whole Internet but couldn't find anything, not even someone who has a simular problem as me...

Now I wanted to ask if anyone here might have an advice for me?

Thanks in advance!


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I'm not sure if CS2 natively support pen pressure.

I'm using PS CC, also having the same issue about the pen pressure.

Just read it somewhere that windows needs to natively reconize that your device as a surface tablet to allow other applications to support pen pressure.

Try this post from reddit, it solved my pen pressure issue after applying the fix.

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