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Image clipping with pen on SP3


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I have bought the SP3 and I was wondering if you could copy images from the screen using the pen and save them into one note and then make them bigger/smaller? I also have a galaxy note and with that pen you can draw around something - anything - and save it but on the SP3 all I can see is to take a screenshot then crop it which isn't great as it doesn't 'outline' the picture. I would like the option to create collages.

Hopefully i've explained myself!

thanks in advance


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Open up the snipping tool ;) However last i checked this doesn't work with MUI applications.

With onenote 2013 there is also the send to onenote tool.

Don't think there is a way to automaticaly give the snip a border though.


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I see ctitanic do this all the time... I don't know how as I never do this, but I'm sure someone else can explain...


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The Pen in Windows 8.1 allows you to select part of the screen to capture, you can use the Snipping Tool to freeform from the desktop....use the drop down from the new button