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Performance modes SB2


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I'm a little confused on the three modes. I'd assumed that the recommended mode would boost power as needed. I assume I am incorrect. So what are the exact differences? Playing games I'm finding little difference in better or best, other than more fan noise. Does it reduce turbo mode?


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In my own testing, I've found that there's a significantly greater difference between "Recommended" and "Better Performance" than between "Better Performance" and "Best Performance." That's fairly reproducible in both synthetic benchmarks (Geekbench 4 and 3DMark) and actual gaming. I've done less testing in actual gaming because it's just more tedious and time-consuming.

As far as what, specifically, Microsoft is doing with each mode, I think that will remain something of a mystery. I'll note that when I've tested the power drain issue, it doesn't occur in "Recommended" mode, but it does occur in both "Better" and "Best" performance modes, only it's worse with the latter. That tells me that whatever Microsoft is doing, it's only limiting power below the max that the power supply can provide in "Recommended."

So as far as I'm concerned, when I worry about depleting the battery, I keep it on "Recommended." When I'm more concerned about flat-out performance, I put it on "Best Performance." I never bother with "Better Performance" because you don't get much benefit either with performance or saving the battery.


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Thanks. I've got it running on better most of the time, or recommended when on battery only. Not sure when or if 'best' mode will ever be needed.


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So, just for kicks, I ran some tests using the Civilization VI built-in benchmark (my SB2 15 hasn't yet received the exploit firmware update, as far as I know). The results were interesting:

1080p medium graphics
Best: 68 FPS
Better: 69 FPS
Recommended: 60 FPS

1080p ultra graphics
Best: 60 FPS
Better: 56 FPS
Recommended: 49 FPS

Native medium graphics
Best: 62 FPS
Better: 60 FPS
Recommended: 58 FPS

Native ultra graphics
Best: 42 FPS
Better: 44 FPS
Recommended: 36 FPS

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