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Photos Appearing on Start Page


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Apologies in advance for my ignorance as I am new to Surface. On the start (or home) screen, there are a number of Apps shown. One is Photos. When playing around with the camera, I took three pictures (quality not very good :( ). I deleted the pictures and so no longer appear in the "Camera Roll" or anywhere else that I can see. However, the three pictures continue to "scroll" on the Start screen. How do I delete these photos from streaming on the Start screen?



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Sorry, it has been a while since I have been able to check back in. I have opened and closed the App numerous times and I have restarted the Surface at least once. Still, those pictures show-up.

However, I just now went into Explorer, searched for ".jpg" files and found the pictures I took. I also found what appears to be every single picture that has ever crossed the screen of the Surface. For instance, visit a web page for sports scores, click on the Chicago Bears (maybe showing Cutler dropping back) and that "image" is saved. I've never noticed that on my regular Windows computers and I am curious if these ever are deleted. It seems to be that it could take loads of space after only a few weeks/months depending on use.

By the way, these images were in a file location that I could not normally access. The files were in a "Read Only" folder under "Users". I've changed it from "Read Only" and am still doing some research but looking to find out what kind of Directory those files are in and whether there is some kind of "temporary" feature to it which would have them deleted after "X" amount of time

Thanks to all for your comments.


yeah i find myself having to go through the C: drive to go and delete files that were takes 1-2 gb space. I used the disk cleaner and that didn't clear it.
Liek softwaredistribution/download, that had close to 2gb and I have 19.2gb out of 28.5gb on my surface (just stock apps, haven't installed anything yet)


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Aw: Photos Appearing on Start Page

Ok so try to deactivate the live-tile for the photo-app, and then active it again, maybe this could rebuild some sort of thumbnail-cache (since you've deleted the original pictures).
As for the tip about the wasted space, I'll also make some investigations, since I'm slowly running out of space and was wondering where all the mb's where gone ;)


I'll post this in the guide section later when i get home,

but I did a video of one of the ways you can follow to fix the problem,


it may still be uploading

UPDATE: Faster Way

1) From Modern UI start screen, swipe from the right to display charms menu
2) Click settings
3) Click Tiles
4) Clear Personal info from tiles
5) Fixes Problem as well
6) Although this will clear all the tiles as opposed to only a selected one from the method in the video
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