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Surface Pro 2017 Advanced LTE: Prevent light bleed spots in the middle of the screen


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Yesterday I received my fourth SP 2017 Advanced LTE. All three previous devices have been sent back with the same issue: light bleed spots somewhere in the screen.
A few facts:
  • I am aware that light bleed on the edges of a LCD panel is common and no reason to return a tablet. These are spots in the middle of the screen
  • This is concerning the Advanced LTE version
  • In the beginning no light bleed is visible; it starts showing over time
  • The light bleed spots get worse over time
  • It is very hard to make a picture of the light bleed spots as modern cameras try to "fix" the issue in the picture taking. That makes it hard to get the tablet replaced by Microsoft as well.
  • It is definitely a hardware issue
Now, if there is anything I can do to prevent these light bleed spots from developing, I would like to do that of course.
I have created another topic on this matter here: Surface Pro 2017 backlight bleed in middle of screen
And I have responded to someone else's topic regarding this issue here: Are there any SP5 models WITHOUT lightbleed? (be aware, these are not my screen shots, but they indicate the problem best)
I have also responded to this video
. There, someone has this issue with a SP7! :(

One of the things that I will be doing is installing a CPU temp logger. If I then see spots occur again, I can check if the device has run hot. Currently my best guess is that it has something to do with temperature.

I use my SP in a normal way. Carry it in a laptop bag. I don't let it run while in my laptop bag. Only use the charger that is issued with the SP. I don't leave the screen on with a still picture for hours and hours. Of course, while working on it during the day it is switched on for hours. One of the SPs I also paid close attention to time and again charge until about 80%, then drain to about 20%, but that didn't help either. (Fortunately, because quite some management went into it ;) )

I am a huge fan of the Surface line, but I feel I am perhaps more stubborn than I should be. I have had 6 Surface 3s (non pro version) that had different screen issues. This is my fourth Surface Pro 2017. And I hear that people with a Surface Book first gen are having batteries that are swelling up while their devices are just out of warranty. Still, the devices are so beautiful! My wife is almost fed up with me buying these devices.

Reason for starting this topic is: is there anyone who can shed a light on this? Is there anything that I can do to prevent this? Or do I just have bad luck, three times in a row? All help, suggestions, follow up questions etc are appreciated!
No light bleed detected (yet), but this (fourth!!!!) one freezes every so often. Keeping the power button press, shutting it down and restarting it is the only way to get it running again.
Installed all updates, did a complete refresh, ran the Surface Diagnostics toolkit....nothing!

This is getting really frustrating! It is going back today :(
While doing some more research myself (and waiting for my new device to return) I've found that other people refer to it as "bright spots" rather than "spots of backlight bleed". If I then search Google for "surface pro bright spots" I find some people with similar issues:

And it doesn't even only happen to a Surface (Pro) devices:

But it looks like this is caused by some internals pushing against the screen; either from the outside or from the inside. I do NOT put pressure on the screen! At least nothing more than you normally would when writing on a piece of paper. I have always treated all Surface Pro devices with care! I always carry them in a decent laptop bag. The only thing in the padded laptop compartment is the Surface Pro itself.

Reason for thinking that pressure is responsible is because this can (temporarily) fix it: