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Photoshop Replacement?


So I tried searching to see if there were any good Photoshop alternatives. Both in these forums and on the Windows Shop (keep wanting to say App Store). I cannot find anything yet that looks like it will meet my needs. I am not looking for Lightwave or other management software. I need something to work on photos. I do not like the GIMP, either. No matter how much I try, I just do not like that program. On the Mac side, I actually have Photoshop (CS6). I need something that will allow me to work in layers and masks as well as the normal standard touch-ups. I care less about filters as I do actually putting time and thought into preparing a photograph.


I have Photoshop on my Mac and really don't want to put out a whole bunch more money for a 2nd license for the Surface. My MBP is still my main machine. I will, however, check those forums out.
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