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Photoshop freezes random

henk brouwer

New Member

I am using Photoshop in combination with the surface pro 3 and docking station with a Wacom Intuos 4.

Recently I updated to windows 10, now I am having all kinds of problems with Photoshop when its in

the docking station.

When I am using photo shop cloning is a problem, It doesn't let me use the alt key it starts to acting strange like

its double clicking or something, when i click pressing the alt key it already clones at the place where i click on the screen.

It randomly freezes for a couple of seconds to a minute. Sometimes it helps when I click on a different program Icon and then

return to Photoshop.

It looks that I have more freezes etc. using the Wacom pen then the mouse.

So I tried uninstalling Wacom and reinstalling, older versions non of them helped.

Tried older video drivers and new non helped.

Reinstalled Photoshop non helped.

I getting a little frustrated at this point, its almost impossible to work this way.

What can be the problem, Docking station, Wacom.

Anyone any clues?

Rgds. Henk