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SB - amazing for Photoshop retouching


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God, this thing is just so amazing! Just completed my first Photoshop project
and I have to tell you guys - a new way of working. Flawless. Sure, there are things you kind of feel
could be improved, but I don't care, it's just a new experience and I feel excited about this product
like I haven't felt in a long time.
I love how I can switch from the laptop mode to tablet mode so easily, when I need to paint a mask
or do some precise retouching - the pen/tablet is great. The only small thing - the first stroke
always has a little delay, I'm sure this will get better. But it's so convenient!
Then back to the laptop mode when I need to work on my layers, color correction etc. Just pure magic.
I'm serious, this is all new to me and it seriously feels great.



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Nice one. I've done a little work in photoshop on my Surface pro 3 but I found the brushes lag a little sometimes. I'm sure the book would make a big difference. No issues with using Lightroom on my Sp3 though and like you I love going from "laptop" mode (albeit not as good as the SB version) to tablet when I need to get in and do more detailed selections/brushwork.

Glad you're liking the SB it looks like a killer device.


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Similar experience: I am a very heavy user of Printshop Pro (currently Version 8+), for engineering graphics, and find that the Surface Book performs very well. I also am keeping my SP3 rather than upgrading to SP4. It has served me well as a production machine for 14 months.


Do you think calibrating the screen for colors is needed? I have a DataColor Spyder4Elite that could be used on it.


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I tried calibrating my sp3 once with a colormunki but I didn't like the results it turned the blacks greenish and it looked more accurate before the calibration to me so I removed the profile. I don't know if I did something wrong or if the Book would be any better.


According to the Anandtech review the SB displays are supposed to be individually calibrated for sRGB. Their tests showed some excellent accuracy with the pre-release model being only slightly less accurate than the one they got later.

The Microsoft Surface Book Review


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I'm loving mine too. I have it docked at work with 2 x 27" monitors (not 4K ones). I leave the SB in 'Canvas' mode with my glasses case between the back of the screen and the keyboard base to give it a bit of angle and stability. So simple and very comfortable for my use. I leave OneNote open on the SB in pen mode so I can scrawl down notes while on the phone. I'm going to play around with SketchUP and see if it plays well with pen input.

Most of the niggles have gone from my unit now it can only get better as the software settles down. The hardware is faultless. The only thing I really wish it had was a kickstand - I'm using it in tablet mode a lot and miss the stand.


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My use case exactly (going back to SPro 3 days). Does your fan run a lot with the screen reversed over the keyboard in draw (canvas) mode?