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So have been using Surface 2 for a couple of days now. The RT version. It's pretty good but I need an app for playing mkv files. I've tried several and so far the best one is mobile.hd. However there is a problem with the zoom which means that a big portion of the image is outside the screen area. I've tried buying a couple which say that they support mkv files. One called Media Player Simple and another one named KMedia Player but none of them can play the files. Pretty annoying! Press Play was also recommended a couple of places but I couldn't make it work.

So my question is: Has anyone found a working RT app for playing mkv files?

Thanks in advance


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Mobile.HD by Dorin Damaschin

Works almost flawlessly with all .mkv (from network places too)... and allows subtitles.

It's not free, but WORKS!!


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PowerDVD Mobile will also play .mkv files but is more expensive than Mobile.hd. It is also included in the price of the full x86 version of PowerDVD 13 so worth considering if you need the desktop software.