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Playing 1080p MKV Files on Surface Pro quite a lag


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I'm trying to watch an anime in my surface pro, and its 1080p so I want to make the most out of it.

I played my video in Media player classic from MKV Codec Pack but it lags, I tick the High DPI setting but no use.

I also tried vlc but it is stuck on making the cache, same thing with windows media player.


I usually use vlc as well, sometimes it does take time to build the cache, but after that it runs smoothly
1080p MKV is well within the capabilities of the machine.

Did you have to install a specific codec for your anime? You mentioned a codec pack. It has been a long, long time since I had to manually install any codecs... Maybe the codec is crummy.

If the content does not require special codecs I would uninstall ANY codec packs and try various players again.


I play many movies from iTunes, and Amazon Video Library, Netflix, and Amazon Prime with no issues on a 27" monitor. Never a stutter, as far as I can tell. I also play hd videos from my Sony camera and many videos I download from YouTube and such, all without a single failure, as I recall.


Were you on battery or connected to the mains? Check the CPU throttling sections of your Power Plan. Also what size was the MKV? Theres 1080p and 1080p some files claim 1080p and weigh in at around 1.5GB for anaverage movie. The same can be 6GB depending on the compression used. THe larger the file the harder the surface would have to work.