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PLEASE tell me this is not common ==> my vapor mag chips and scratches at will

What has your experience been with the vapor mag casing durability

  • I have a couple of scratches but I know how they got there

    Votes: 11 13.4%
  • I don't know what you are talking about- mine is tough as nails

    Votes: 38 46.3%
  • I have fine scratches that I do not recall how I got them

    Votes: 19 23.2%
  • My unit is chipping also

    Votes: 14 17.1%

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before I put the stickerboy skins on mine, I cut out a piece of wrapsol from a spare macbook skin. it's a clear matte type film and it looked pretty good!! it retains that factory look pretty well. the matte wrapsol's look good on the surface pro back and on the aluminum macbooks, it's very hard to detect when looking at in in passing. the hard thing was getting a clean looking camera cutout on it. I eventually went with the stickerboy skins because I really liked the look. I'd recommend a clear matte film for anyone that wants to protect the back and keep that factory look.


I have a bunch of scratches and maybe 1 or 2 chips. My son dropped it twice from about 2 feet. I gave up babying it a long time ago.

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You Guys should really look at the Skinomi skins. They're better than anything I've ever used. The same material is uses to protect military rotor blades from sand abrasion in desert operations. They're a piece of cake to put on, fit like a glove and can easily be peeled off if you so choose.

SP2 Carbon Fiber (2).jpg


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I personally recommend the skins from sticker boy over the other options because they include side skins and not just the back cover and they fit well. The sides are very prone to scratching to especially when trying to put the power cord, putting a USB, and using the head phone jack. Also the carbon fiber skins from sticker boy actually have an actual texture and are not merely a print out of an image. I've had mine on for a while and I'm sure it has protected my surface....

I agree with souldier: Check out http://www.surfaceforums.net/forum/.../8390-my-skinny-surface-pro-2-vinyl-skin.html


I just noticed a pattern of scratches on the top of left of the backside of my SP (near the power button). It's a little depressing because it doesn't look brand new any more. But I guess that's fair as I've had it four months, use it daily, and carry it back and forth to coffee shops and tutoring. I have to admit that some of the pictures posted of the protective decals look pretty cool but I don't like putting stickers on my devices. I'm afraid that once I decide to take it off, there will be glue residue or will take off some of the coating that is on the SP. Even the case for my phone is the non-adhesive Otterbox Defender. It's a little bulky but I can take it off (and put it back on) anytime and my phone looks brand new even after 12 months of intense use. I'm on the fence about getting a hard case for the SP. I'm reluctant because I think it will be too bulky for my taste and would probably interfere with the Type Cover. If anybody is using or has seen a low profile case, please share!