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PLEASE ... Why Can't MS Market the Surface?


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The objective is to sell the Surface concept and not an accessory. Moreover, why not also showcase the Surface as a pure tablet? The first ad, on the other hand, is not very good, I'm afraid.

There are many of these ads posted in this forum :D They just don't make it main stream like you said. Have a look around for some other really good ones that should be mainstream. Keep in mind the timing of the ads. Ad #1 would have been great early on in the launch when nobody knew what a "Surface" was but not as much now that the devices have been out awhile.




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Remember all the anti-Microsoft adverts during the Vista-era... PC guy and Apple guy... Microsoft needs to have adds that compare Surface to iPad and show everyone why it's a better product.


MS guys says - 'hey, I just need to plug in this USB drive.' Apple Guy looks sad.

MS Guy says 'hey, I just need to plug in this SD card.' Apple Guy looks sad.

Apple guy has had enough! 'Hey, there are over 300,000 iPad Apps. Ha!' PC guy replies, 'Nice. But there are over 200 Billion PC programs - for the Microsoft Surface Pro.'
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Remembering a few things from a marketing class I took eons ago, many times, especially with technology, the ads seem to be either really boring or just way off the mark for the targeted audience. Apple had done some good ones by simply showing the device and a few of the ways it can improve your user experience. Hate Apple or not, it did show the device using apps, etc. Same with the Nexus 7 commercial with the dad and son camping out in the backyard. That one just tried to show how the tablet could bring the family together. It was simple but effective as an ad goes in my opinion. I saw over the weekend some ads for Windows 8 and a young lady doing photo work, surfing the web, and showing how good Windows 8 could be. I agree with others that have posted that if some of the Surface ads would do this it could only help. It just seems to come down to how much a company wants to spend on advertising and if they are effective in reaching many new customers and keeping present ones.


Well I agree the Surface Pro commercial is not what should be done. Not very "professional". I get the "cool" factor and the original "RT" commercial was fine. But the Pro commercial with people dancing in a meeting? Really?
But I will say this, they are effective for one reason, ALMOST everybody that sees my Surface Pro says, "is that the thing that's goes "click", or is that the Surface? So it certainly must be making a splash with the masses. But with that said not one of them has a clue what the Surface Pro is capable of or that it so far exceeds what any "tablet" can do without a full OS. Some get it after a lengthy demonstration, but quickly balk at the price! I have been a walking advertisement since I got my Pro and have no regrets and I love the thing!


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Those Pro ads do not convey the message that it is your PC...transformed into a tablet...running all your existing apps...not just performing media consumption. :)


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>>>The current ads are a confusing, themeless, melange ... more forgettbale than anything else<<<


(Young hip-looking Wall St. or Madison Ave. type on the screen, working with his Surface Pro) You know, the competition likes to talk about the wonderful "experience" that users have with their tablet. Let me tell you about the wonderful experience I have with the Surface Pro. The experience of actually getting real work done! It's a full-fledged, no-compromises [OK so I'm leaving out the battery-life issue here] Windows 8 computer that I can hold in my hand. It runs hundreds of new apps and thousands of legacy software applications. I can hook it up to a big screen keyboard, and use it as a desktop, then use it on the subway, and at home. It has built-in compatibility with nearly every business network in use today. You want revolutionary? Now that's revolutionary."

You really want to sell these things? Don't have him just say it in some metrosexual voice. Have him scream it.


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The sad thing is MS has really good spots for the Surface and Windows 8 they just leave them on youtube and don't show them nationally :(

I remember this being the first spot I saw for the Surface and it gave me chills. Should have used this more and dancing less for the initial impression stuff.


Ooh don't think I saw this one before.

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Never saw the Surface is Here video, but that would make a great TV spot. Still love the Surface by Microsoft one. It's bit long for a TV spot, but they could afford it. Either or both would be more effective that the standard dancing ads.


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My guess is after Blue (though maybe at the same time) and towards the end of the year when releasing Surface 2 and the holiday crop of windows 8 devices.