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PLEASE ... Why Can't MS Market the Surface?


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So MS builds a fully-functional PC, in tablet form, touch-enabled, running the most powerful version of their Windows OS client software, yet nothing from their Marketing department demonstrates this to the public.

It doesn't make sense to me but, I dunno, perhaps their objective is to demonstrate to their hardware partners that such a product is both profitable and viable.

Were it up to me, I'd be showcasing to the public that all they have and do on that "old" desktop/laptop is now available to go on a touch-enabled, slim, light-weight device.


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I love the surface but thinkMS' has lost the ability to MS (Market Stuff).

The ads are dumb! They seem to have two sort sf ads out there ... one that may really be for pastel seltzer water and one some kind of thin and alpha shaped desk toy.

It is pretty effin hard to figure out that either ad is for a useful tool that it has a FILE SYSTEM, a USB, built in OFFICE or that OFFICE is integrated (sort of) into the device!

Oh and stick a portable HHD into the USB and I have a tablet with 500mb of memory! Or add a Karma hot spot and I have USA wide WiFi w/o a monthly charge! Try that with Apple and ATT!

I have a iPAD as well but the iPAD is really a media device /cum portal for iTUNES ... not a machine for doing much.

No one I have sat with through the MS commericla for the surface has the least idea what MS is selling other than Apple-ish kool, youthfull, and sparkly.

Mr Balmer ain't no Steve Jobs and it is sad that his woirkers have built a machine that is much better than an iPAD but Stve B lacks Steve J's taste in marketing firms.

I do have gripes about this wonderful machine .. again largely about stupid marketing errors. What FOOL mase it nearly impossible t get to the off button? Howsit that you can not put a custom icn into a tile? Why does integration of the tile interface with the folders require a third party app> why doesn't win 8RT automatically integrate with a Win * desktop?

Seems like some Steve Jobs aclyte got to play a role here .. why no true stylus? why if you must use a crayin shaped stulys to write is there no way to dock it (and why doesn't MS include one for free?).

Answer .. someonbe at MS got confused and thought he was creating the next generation of iOS.

Oh yeh ... Next they want to sell a surface shaped of an ultrabook with a tiny SSD and negligible battery life.


Oh, I disagree. Without the commercials, I never would have known that the Surface is an excellent tool for spontaneously breaking out into dance during office meetings.


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Here is a great video of the re-branding effort [video=vimeo;64715519]http://vimeo.com/64715519[/video] explaining much of thought process.