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Poor video quality when using HDMI port


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I purchased an inexpensive HDMI cable, but videos are really choppy and don't look very good on my TV. Have others been able to get good video quality via HDMI? Do I have to purchase the MS HDMI adapter to get decent video quality?
What application are you using to play the video? Also, what types of file (and/or codec) are you using and what video quality is the original file (or if its streaming off youtube, Netflix, ect what are the quality settings)?
Is your tv a Full-HD one? Did you set up the resolution for the second screen to 1080p?
I'm using an HD movie that I purchased and downloaded from XBOX video store, and my TV is a Sony HDTV and is 1080p. I'll have to try it out on a different TV. Maybe it's my cable?
I'm using a Sony-TV too and the picture was 1080p and of a normal quality. Did you use the mirror-setup? You have to go for extended or only second-screen setup, so the surface can change the resolution for your TV up to 1080p.