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Power cover and track pad (mis) behavior


I posted this a couple of weeks ago in the power cover quick review thread. I received no responses but it was shortly after the cover was released. I am posting it again to see if anyone else has had the same behavior of the trackpad or knows of any solutions to this issue:

"I received the power cover last week and it has reduced my Battery Anxiety Disorder (BAD). I have the Surface Pro 1 and this has been a big problem. My "BAD" is much better now and I don't have to worry about the battery running out during rounds in the ICU. I do have 1 concern about it and it has to do with the trackpad. The behavior is the same as with the original keyboard covers where the cursor would jump around because of inadvertant touches of my wrist. The software which disables the trackpad which was made available by Micorsoft doesn't work for this. I use the Arc Touch mouse (and I love it). Is anyone else running into this problem? "
Thanks in advance!