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Power Cover Not Compatible with SP3


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I have the Power Cover that I was using with my SP1, and I tried using it with my new Surface Pro 3, and it doesn't register. Has anyone else tried it? I can get the trackpad to work, but none of the keys and not the battery. I have a SP3 Type Cover, but was looking forward to using the Power Cover when a little extra time away is needed. Anyone else seeing similar issues?


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My Power Cover works as a keyboard/trackpad just fine on the SP3, but not for the additional battery. It is just seen and behaves like a regular type cover. Any idea of Microsoft's plans regarding this?


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Its weird because just now when I mounted it, it did indeed work as a keyboard just fine, but no power. I really hope they enable compatibility. For long flights its nice to have the battery option.


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Has anyone gotten the Power Cover to charge an SP3? Panos said the Power Cover "works" with SP3, but I am starting to wonder whether by that he meant that it could only be used for typing. He is prone to exaggeration...


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It does work with the SP3, I believe it was enabled in the July 8 Firmware Update...I'm using it...


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I have the Power Cover as well and it works fine for me. I carry it in my bag as a spare power source. I had to use it the other day when my SP3 was supposed to be in sleep mode, but my Type Cover 3 apparently didn't give it that message. The SP3 battery was completely depleted after 3 hours in my bag, but I connected the Power Cover and it powered it right up.