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Power Cover Inquiry


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So i got my Power Cover just days ago and i was expecting for a battery life boost on my SP2.

My problem is that, i notice my battery being drained fast...or i don't know if it's just me.

I started using my sp2 w/ power cover both fully charged @ 9:15am, went about my usual daily task ( web browsing, programming on Visual Studio 2015 ) and noticed that my power cover's battery went down to 50% at 10:30am.

I just wanna ask if that battery consumption is normal? I'm a big battery freak and i really hate seeing my battery levels go down without even doing anything that heavy.

My battery lessened by 4% just by typing this far. Please take note that i am not running any music while im working. I only use my Torch Browser and Visual Studio. Only devices that are plugged in are my MiniSD and Logitech Mouse.

Thanks in advanced for any advice or help to be given :)


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and also, my power cover goes down to 0% before switching to the Sp2's battery :/ isn't it supposed to switch to sp2 battery when the cover's battery level is around 20%?