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Why Does SP2/Power Cover Charge, Then Discharge While Not In Use?

Sir Face

New Member
I find that if I leave my SP2/Power Cover "charging" for a couple of days or so, even though it's charger light has gone out, the SP2 itself may show a 100% charge, the Power Cover sometimes shows practically no charge, or just a very few percent?

I make it a point to open Task Manager just before putting the SP2 to sleep to insure that there's no programs open whatsoever. For whatever reason, it seems to charge up fully (100%/100%), but then, for whatever reason, use up the majority of the Power Cover's charge while just sitting there. At other times, I'll find both batteries at full charge after a day or two left on charge. What the Heck is going on here anyway?


Staff member
Have you applied the June Firmware Update? It updates the Power Cover Firmware. Also if you are not on mains, the Power Cover will charge the main battery keeping it at 100% unless the system is at S5 Power State (Off).