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power covers coming

Can't wait. I just hope its cheaper than existing type/touch covers. They should go all out and give existing pro owners this cover for free. ;)

That's exactly what I was waiting for. So long as useful accessories are available across models, older models retain value with these accessories. Releasing an upgrade version in the same year is very rare--at least, I had never heard of it happening before. This definitely helps first gen buyers, both the early adopters and anyone considering the MS inventory dump. It would've been a very bad business decision to delay a battery cover with all the rumors and whatnot for a new version of SPro.

Choice is full-price Pro 2 or, I assume, a much cheaper keyboard battery compatible with both 1&2. (@demandarin: An extra battery in the keyboard is definitely not going to be cheaper than the existing Type keyboard. That's crazy talk. :p)

I must wonder, however, how the Pro 2 price will be compared to a cut-price Pro 1+battery keyboard.
@oion +1 all the way. All good options. I might make my sp1 my backup and get the sp2 if all the accessories still fit and work. haswell with 8gigs of ram and 128GB for 999 would be pretty hard to pass up. maybe 1099 for the extra bump in Ram..
Their best best with new devices would be to match the current reductions in price on current models. The reduction in price has been moving units. Now of it does come out at current price point, then existing models would be reduced even more so. Clearing out the inventory. Regardless, this is going to be a very good holiday season. Instead of getting a new console system, od rather get a new pro. It'll be capable of gaming even more so than existing one. Which doubles well for gaming, imo.