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Surface Pro with Power Cover Not Using Cover Battery First


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I recently purchased a Power Cover for my Surface Pro (not SP2), and am seeing that the main battery is being consumed before the Power Cover battery. It was my understanding that the Power Cover would be consumed first. Also, yesterday, when this was occurring, i saw that both batteries were detected in the power applet in the system tray, but when the main power was depleted, my machine shut off, and not gracefully. In fact i got no warning before the screen went blank. It was as though the Power Keyboard was not even present. Which i could understand if the power applet was only reporting one battery detected (meaning the main battery), but then i would have also expected to get a low power warning. Also, i was using the keyboard at the time, so it wasn't as if the keyboard had gotten disconnected.

Thoughts? Anyone else seeing strange behavior with the Power Keyboard?

Also, is there any way to configure how the Power Keyboard behaves? (i.e. control panel applet and/or store app)


do you have all the latest updates installed?? I think the last firmware update added power cover support so this would happen upon release..... but, i could be wrong


I had this problem once. I noticed it when in the battery icon, the cover battery did not show up at all and was thus not being used. disconnecting and reconnecting fixed the issue.