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Preaching Surface to My Company


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New at this forum, but certainly not new to computing - mainframe, PC, Mac, etc. Have programmed extensively in IBM 360/370 Assembly, PL/1, Visual (everything), Applescript, and Java.

I've been using the Surface Pro since it came out (pre-ordered). It is my device of choice for travel, including International, though I also bring along an iPad and Kindle.

I am recommending the Microsoft Surface Pro to my company. We have very intense earth science workstation needs, but I am able to demonstrate that the Surface Pro can handle it. I use a Targus USB 3.0 docking station, which works great. Three monitors.


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Have programmed extensively in IBM 360/370 Assembly, . . .

SharpColorado --

Welcome to the forum.

I hate to be rude, but I just need to ask: Are you sane?

It was once my belief that anyone who spent much time programming in Assembly(er) necessarily had to be either insane or incompetent. The two just don't go together. :) I dabbled in it, but never enough to threaten my sanity. (By which you may conclude that I was in the "incompetent" category.) Fortunately, I never had to make a living at it. Just learned it to prove a point.

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When you preach the Surface to the company, do they laugh out loud in front of you or wait until you leave the room? We had some RT's shipped in to test and they were universally hated. Reviled. Despised. I sent mine to a co-worker and never even got a thank you. He asked about Wifi connectivity which I walked him through and he has never mentioned it again. When I manage to get iPad's allocated to them I don't hear the end of the thank you's.

The Surface Pro is a better device in most aspects than the RT, but not much. No Dock kills the Enterprise appeal for us.


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@machistmo, you’re really starting to sound like a troll. If you would have taken the time to read (instead of whine) you would have noticed he already has his “docking” issue resolved. Perhaps it’s time to sweep up the remains of your EXPLODED Surface and get on with your life.

@SharpColorado, welcome to the forum and best of luck on your evangelistic endeavors.