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Pretty disappointed so far


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I can no longer swipe up to access app functions. Instead I have to try to hit a tiny button in the app title bar.

Or, RTM and find you can also swipe DOWN from the top to do the same thing. They did that as the new touch cover hides the bottom of the screen.

The Start Screen can be easily returned and will work the same way it does on 8/8.1. Hint: Consider a right-click on the taskbar...

If you feel the need to badmouth stuff, at least do it fairly. :)


Ugh... people are so melodramatic.

I'm not sure I EVER 'Bad mouthed' it. I said I was disappointed with the initial build and frustrated.

Yes, I'm not stupid, I know how to get the Start Screen back, but everything opens on the desktop anyway, so what's the point?

Anyway. Build 9860 has improved things dramatically for me.

The touch keyboard now comes up as soon as I tap a text field. That was by far my biggest annoyance.

The Action Centre is a good idea (it seems pretty undercooked).

Sometimes people critique a thing (like Windows) because they care about it, not because they're 'hating'. And if we're going to rip into anyone who has a criticism, that leads to a pretty toxic community.