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Price rumors anyone?


Has anyone heard that the ms pro is going to drop prices in June when the new releases come out? I keep being told to wait better things are coming or the price will drop but those same people keep talking about how great the ms pro is and how they couldn't live without it...then again tell me to wait.
I doubt the prices will drop in June.

They may release _details_ about the SP2, but the actual product probably won't be released until the end of the year or maybe even February next year.
I was thinking the same thing, but I said screw it, I bought a Pro a couple of weeks ago. Missing out on a sweet device. I hope they do announce an 8" Surface RT, I'd definitely buy one.
So waiting would be a waste and some of the accessories might even be gone?

IMHO, yes, waiting would be a waste of time because in the meantime you'll have an awesome device that you're missing out on right now, all for something that A) we don't know the specs of and B) don't know when it will even appear.

Accessories certainly won't be gone, you will in fact continue to see MORE accessories on the scene, as the Pro gains in popularity, and especially when V2 is even hinted at.