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Printer and TV does not work


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last week I got my Surface. But I have two Problems:
  1. I am not able to connect to my HP OfficeJet Pro 8500 printer. The printer is listeted but there is no driver. Any ideas?
  2. My surface displayes my Samsung tv but I am not able to use it. No driver. My Windows 8 notebook can handle my samsung tv




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1. There is a number of threads on the internet, but i've found one thats quoting an app: Printing in Windows 8 and Windows RT - HP Support
2. What are you trying to do? Streaming content with the devices-charm? To get things workign t´that wy, your device have to be "certified". None of my A/V-devices are, so i can't stream anything via devices. However, you try to stream Music/Videos with the play-to-function included in File explorer. Just right-click (or hold on touch screen) and select play-to -> Your device or just select all of your content you want to stream, then click play-to located at the ribbon bar.


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Regarding your HP 8500 printer....
Did it not succeed when you had it connected via USB?
Can you try connecting via Wired or Wireless to the HP printer to see if it makes a difference


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There was no specific driver for my HP OfficeJet Pro L7500 printer but I still got it to work fine (wirelessly) with my RT from the drivers listed under Add Printer. I used the HP E910 Class Driver.
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Just tried the send-to trick for an audio file to my tv from the desktop. works fine, but if the RT goes to sleep, after a few minutes, it stops streaming...
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