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What printer will work withe my Book 2?


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I had to retirre my old Canon preinter which worked beautifully with my Surface Book 2, so I bought a HP OfficeJet Pro. I struggled for two days to set it up (I have been a user for 30 years) and talked withe support, to no avail. I am wondering if MS Surfaces don't work with HP printers? If this is true, then what should i get? Color is important, so I do not want a cheap printer.


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MS Surfaces work with HP printers.
My SP3 and SP7 have both worked well with an HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277dw and HP LaserJet Pro 200 color MFP M276 connecting to both via WiFi to scan and print.

The only issue I've had is with the M277dw and the SP7, it'll wake the printer from sleep when I print to it but HP's scanning app (HP Scan and Capture) doesn't see the device as online when it's asleep so I have to tap the printer's power button to bring it out of sleep before I open the scanning app.

What problem are you having? Are you trying to connect to it via WiFi network? Have you tried connecting via USB? Can you see the printer in Device Manager? More info please.


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I do not want to connect it via WiFi but it won't let me connect via USB. Paradoxically the device is there in the Control Panel but when I click print, it says it cannot find the device. Thye word processor when I click print does not show the printer. I have made sure to delete any and all that was on the list but it still won't show the new printer.

Wayne Orwig

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I like Epson.

I used to prefer HP. I even used to have HP pen plotters, printers, and laptops. They were king, or so I thought.
But every time I would go to print, there was something that was a hassle. Always. I just figured that was life and went on. But when I could no longer get overpriced HP ink for my expensive large format photo printer, and I had to throw that expensive printer away, I moved on from HP. I got an Epson XP-15000. Brought it home last year, plugged it in, and it just works. Windows PCs, laptops, even my Android phone. Just works. No more hassle, no plugged up ink heads (yet), cheaper ink. No hassle like every time I tried to use the last two HP printers I had.

I used USB when I first got it, but now I am using WiFi. Both work well.

I have a very cheap Canon (like under $30) in my RV. I have not printed anything for a pretty long time so the ink is likely bad in it. I remember that setting it up (WiFi) was a real hassle, but it worked fine once set up.