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Wireless Printer-Scanner that works with Surface 2?


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Hi - having a bit of a nightmare finding a wireless printer-scanner that will work with my surface 2.

Back in the day when I bought it, I was told by a sales rep that wireless printers work with anything, you don't need drivers, same reason you don't need drivers to connect to your router. Not true :(

Bought a Canon printer-scanner yesterday, cannot work.

Have been recommended hp eprint printers, however this is just a service where you send an attachment to an email address and your printer prints it out. Nice idea, but that's not proper printing, and it won't help me scan!

So, does anyone know a good wireless printer scanner that DOES work with surface 2 rt?

Looking for something up to Uk£150, and has separate C,M,Y carts for decent economy.



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A Canon MG7150.

Ive been told that many current HP printers work, but looking on the RT compatability page they always come up with 'limited functionality', and no info on what that actually means.


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Usually limited functionality means it will print, but such things as duplex printing or scanning may not work.


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If you go to Control Panel, Hardware, Advanced Printer Setup and choose manual install you can see the list of drivers.

Some printers will work with other drivers as well so look at the printer info to find what other modes it supports. That would likely be one of those limited functionality scenarios.


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I have two, both of which I used with my SP2, and now SP3 to print, fax, scan:

- HP Officejet 7610
- HP Envy 110