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Privacy Filter for Surface Books


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I've got a gold 3M privacy filter for my old MacBook Pro and with some of the sensitive clients I work with, I'd like to have something similar for the Surface Book 2 15. I've been looking around but all I see are a few of the black/grey filters for the original Surface Book (and those have some pretty terrible reviews by the way...) and no gold ones (I think the Gold versions are superior in terms of screen clarity for the viewer). Anybody seen any running around? I'm about to take an exacto knife to the one from the MacBook Pro and start doing some hacking to reuse it... :)


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Well, since nobody else seems to be interested... :)

I went ahead and hacked mine to see how well it work (and save me a few bucks in the process). Well, it's not too terrible. It's certainly not perfect, and my hacked up cut job isn't factory nice, but it's functional. If you take the 3M Privacy Screen Model GPFMR15 (which is made for the 15" MacBook Pro), and you simply place the filter at the very right edge of the SB2 15" screen, then you can just trim the left hand side of the screen filter instead of both sides. This not only saves you a cut, but it also shifts the camera cutout just to the left enough to let the built-in camera cutout fit around both the screen cam and the IR projector...so that way Windows Hello still works. The only issue is that now the only sticky part that's left on the screen filter is on the right hand side, and the left hand side, just sits there. That's ok for me because I'll likely only put it on when I'm travelling and really require privacy while I'm working in an airport, on a plane, or in a coffee shop. Otherwise, all of these filters impact the screen quality to some extent negatively. For example, while it didn't seem to bother me too much on the MBP, I can really see the grid and lines on the SB2 for some reason. Also, as you can imagine, all touch functions become practically unusable. Anyways... here are a few pics if you are interested:

Side View 2.jpg Straight On.jpg Model Number.jpg


Beautiful job. The gold astronaut visor look is slick. I'm tempted but my wife and I will be watching Netflix on occasion at off angles.

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