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Microsoft Unveils Surface Book 2


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Business Insider reports that Microsoft has today unveiled the Surface Book 2, which BI refers to as the company’s “new MacBook Pro killer.”

Available on November 16, with pre-orders starting on November 9, at a starting price of $1,499, the Surface Book 2 boasts an incredible 17 hours of battery life.

Just as with the first Surface Book, which was released in 2015, the Surface Book 2 looks like a regular laptop, but with one major difference: you can detach the screen to make it a tablet. The Surface Book 2 comes in two screen-size versions: the original 13.5-inch display, and a new 15-inch option.

BI says that aside from this new screen-size option, the Book 2 looks very similar to the first Surface Book, although it does have some impressive new specs, including that battery life, and the equally impressive processing power, which Microsoft says is twice that of the latest MacBook Pro, and with a higher screen resolution as well.

And while many have long enjoyed gaming on their Surface Books and other Surface devices, Microsoft hasn’t tended to focus on the gaming aspects of the Surface series, but it is now claiming that the Surface Book 2 is a “gaming powerhouse,” and that it can even run the likes of Forza Motorsport 7 in high definition at 60 fps.

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