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Surface Book 3 - Does your display do this?


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I'm hoping someone can save this Surface Book 3 for me before I give it up. I get severe compression artifacts streaming with the SB3 that I don't get under similar conditions with any other device in the house. This picture shows the SB3 vs a Macbook Pro 16, but I also have a Razer Blade Advance, a Surface Pro 6 and a Surface Go and none of them have the same compressions artifacts issue I'm getting on the Surface Book.

This is from Absentia on Amazon Prime, Season 1, Episode 2 - 2:51 mark

That one shows it the worst, but here's another:

I'm hoping to know whether this is just how it is with the Surface Book or if I should try to exchange it for another one. So please, if you have the SB3 can you play this video and see if you get the same kind of artifacts I get:

The image is a still from the video at the 18 second mark. My pictures has the video running at 4k on both the MBP and SB3. Internet speed is around 550 mpbs down/40 up, so it's plenty fast. I've tried to play with every video setting I can find in Windows and haven't been able to change the result. I've tried on Edge, Chrome and Firefox.

Thanks if you can help.