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Pro 4 - emailing annotated PDF not showing annotations


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I have been attempting to email an annotated PDF document and the person I'm sending it to is not seeing any of my annotations. I sent the same pdf to myself and checked my email on another device and I also cannot see any of the annotations I made on my surface pro 4. Is there a special app I need to download or something for this work?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


i used a program called drawboard pdf. it came free with my surface 3, but i think it's $5. there's a free trial, too.
i just annoted a pdf, i saved it. i closed drawboard pdf and emailed it to myself. it opend in both acrobat and edge with the annotation.


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What are you opening the PDF with? also what sis you use to make the annotations?
I have had issues with some PDFs viewed in Edge but the were fine when opened with Adobe Reader.