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writing on pdf files

stuart lee

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apple convert here. how come when i receive an email with a pdf attached, i cannot make notes on the pdf with my stylus. just got the surface last week. any advice is greatly appreciated.

The default Reader App supports inking on PDFs, I use Drawboard PDF personally. What are you using for Mail and PDF?
I use gmail for my email. I received an email today that had a pdf attachment. I don't know about my PDF app, I see the word "Lumin" next to the open with, when I click Lumin, it takes me to a request for permission site. I've uploaded what I see below. When I open the attachment I see the image with a black background with the choices i get are open or "open with". How do I know what the default reader app is or if I've changed it somehow. Again, thanks. sorry for being all over trying to answer the question.


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From the Start Screen type "Default Programs" and click on the result and chose Reader as the default program...
I have Adobe Reader on my Surface which is the default program for launching PDF files.

Once I open the file, I go to "Comment" and then go down to the "Drawing Markups" section and select the pencil.

From there, I'm able to write on my PDFs.
Made the change, still can't write on pdf. Should I get drawboard?

I agree with Jeff, find another app like OneNote or Windows Journal and make sure the pen is working at all.

Also, if you DO have to mark up PDF's with any amount of frequency, Drawboard is quite good.
Just making sure... I gather that you are opening the attached PDF file using your browser. Try saving the document in your computer and from there you should be able to open it using the reader app that is built in (like preview app in the mac).

After you open the PDF document in the reader app, you should be able to ink or annotate the PDF file.

This is of course if your pen is working correctly. So I suggest testing it out first as mentioned by the other posters.

Good luck!