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Problem setting default screen with external monitor


I've had the original SP, the SP2 and now the SP3. I use my SP's for business so when I'm in the office I connect to an external 24" LED monitor. With my two previous SP's, I was able to boot up with the external monitor and have it come up as the default monitor.

When I do the same with my SP3, it boots up, it "says" the 24" external is the default but the full task bar is still on the tablet screen. I have to go into the display settings and then tell the SP3 that the tablet is the default monitor so that it switches and then go back into the settings and switch the default back to the external monitor. Then the task bar moves to the external monitor like it is supposed to.

I never had this problem with my SP2. Any suggestions? Thanks!

P.S. Nothing has changed with the hardware other than the new SP3. Same external monitor, same dvi adaptor. Using MS supplied drivers.


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I know this isn't entirely helpful, but my SP3 does not have this problem. When I connect to my external and boot up, it defaults to the external.


Is the issue just the task bar? Within the task bar properties, do you have it set to "Show taskbar on all displays"?