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Problem with black levels.


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There's a problem with the black levels for the SP3 that I've never been able to resolve even after installing the graphic drivers from Intel. The details in a black or dark image or movie are virtually gone because there is no distinction in the black levels. This is a common problem for a lot of folks and have been mention in YouTube and can be found by doing a Bing search.

I'm wondering if this issue will be the resolved with the SP4, or is it because the type of display technology MS is using that will make this a continuing inherent problem for both the Pro and the Book. Thanks


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I don't remember anyone here mentioning that as an issue. As for the SP4 it probably isn't something you will get much input on until someone, (maybe here), actually has one.


Thank you for the welcome and the input.

I do hope this has been resolved. I've got mine preordered and fingers crossed.
Hello. I have resolved this issue finally. Download the driver from the Microsoft Website. It's titled Surfacepro3,windows10_150915_0.msi. This should fix thr horrible black levels.. I've had many issues with this since the Pro 2.


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The SP4 seems like it has a seriously superior screen. I checked one out at a Microsoft Store that was sitting next to an SP3. Colors, contrast, color temp were all much, much better. I have no doubt that black levels have also been improved. Microsoft put an excellent screen in the Surface 3 (rated one of the best on the market by DisplayMate), and it seems like they put a screen with similar qualities in the SP4.