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Please help me solve this output display problem


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I just bought an 8 inch windows 8 tablet. The idea is I would Velcro it to the wall not too far from my 50" tv and play netflix, youtube, and the movies I have on my hard drive, which is connected to my network router on my tv via hdmi. Just think star trek. It's pretty cool. I have it set up now and it works beautifully.

Here's my problem. I can't have extended display because it's a tablet and I can't drag and drop the movie or app on the second screen. So, I can only have duplicate. The problem is I have black bars on top, bottom, and the sides of the tv even after I've zoomed on the tv.

My tablet is a 1280 by 800.

I've played around with the display settings on the tablet and the intel driver. Nothing has worked in magnifying the image to a full screen on my tv.

What can I do in this case? Please help me.
i dont know your exact model tablet but it likely doesnt output to 1920x1080 and so i would have to see the specs but a much better solution for this setup is a Roku 3 or similar