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Problem with Charging



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It does not matter which way you plug it, it should always charge. if it doesn't charge one way, while it only charges on other, you might just have issue with the device.
I auctuall went to best buy and tried there charger and it worked so I think it was my charger


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Double07; I thought my plug was universal, until I noticed it wasn't charging. That is when I discovered that it did matter which way it was plugged into mine. So I thought I would share what I discovered. If it continues to give me trouble I will definitely get a replacement.


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My wife's SP3 started doing this 2 days ago. I thought it was the charger so I ordered one on Amazon. My SP4 did it today. I bought a new charger at lunch from Best Buy ($79 WTF???) and it still doesn't work and the battery completely died. Called support and they are now doing Advanced Replacement for both tablets. I think an update has been pushed that broke something.

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